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Consultations and Studies Center

King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences is the only university in Saudi Arabia specialized in the health field. It seeks to obtain a leading educational and research in its areas of specialties. In order to be comparable with similar scientific structures locally and globally, part of its mission will include providing services to the health and scientific community and to the community at large with its distinctive competencies and expertise.

The National Guard Health Affairs which is known for its excellence in providing health services will support this educational and research university.


The Consutations and Studies Center is one of the pillars from which the university provides its expertise to the community through offering specialized advisories and studies for various governmental and private sectors in the University’s fields of expertise, particularly those in the health and educational fields.

The Center’s role is not only limited to preparing studies and providing consultancy to clients in Saudi Arabia, but it also does so for other countries in the Gulf and the world.

Upon the approval for the Center’s establishment, it will include a number of units to conduct studies and consultations in various health and educational health areas. The Center will focus on the health aspects in general and on educational aspects in particular. It will also provide services that include in-depth and basic studies that serve the community in a coordinating manner.

Incentives for establishing the Center:

  • King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences and the National Guard Health Affairs are known for their professors and experts in health, educational and research fields.
  • It has an infrastructure that qualifies it to carry out different health studies and educational studies and consultations.
  • There is an urgent need for health and educational studies that match the local, national and regional needs.
  • It seeks to develop a competitive environment that will contribute to the development of its performance in the field of studies and research and in providing consultations.
  • It seeks to establish its advanced status within local, national and international health, research and educational institutes.
  • It seeks to become the first local institute that provides consulting services in accordance with advanced scientific and systematic standards.
  • It seeks to supplement its resources through marketing its expertise and developing its various resources similar to other scientific institutes.

To work as a unique reference Consutations and Studies Center that focuses similarly on the health and educational aspects and contributes in laying out preventive and remedial plans to deal with any problems that these aspects might encounter.

To establish an Consutations and Studies Center in health and education to monitor the negative aspects and to lay out solutions and strategies that help to eliminate these negatives by means of the latest advances in science.


  • The center will have a coordinating role between those that seek studies, individuals or units, and the departments that will conduct the studies.
  • To meet the needs of individuals, corporations and business, private and governmental sectors for studies and consultations in all branches of knowledge, particularly in the university’s area of specialty as well as the National Guard’s health, research and educational aspects.
  • To conduct in-depth studies and consultations based on scientific and research standards that focus on the applied aspects that help in dealing with the problems from the beginning.
  • To conduct studies and consultations using recent technologies.
  • To conduct field and statistical studies and work on early detection of epidemics to identify its causes and methods of control and treatment.
  • To cooperate with specialized institutions in scientific research inside and outside the Kingdom in order to develop and improve the performance, and to raise the health and educational studies and consultations standard to a level that suits the University and its exceptional specialties.
  • Motivate the employees of the University and NGHA by providing them with the opportunities to participate in the Center’s activities and use their potentials and abilities in exchange for financial and other benefits (which will be decided in internal regulations). 

The Center’s proposed units:

  • Educational Studies Unit. 
  • Health Studies Unit.

The Center’s responsibilities:

  • Preparing the detailed plans for scientific research development programs.
  • Working on collecting the initial data and conducting field surveys in the areas the Center will practice in. Also, finding scientific ways to do surveillance and investigation activities and preparing emergency plans to deal with them.
  • Encouraging studies and consultations in basic health and educational branches especially recent and upcoming science fields or basic research with potential applications relevant to the society and the country.
  • Providing components for human resources development programs i.e. scientists and researchers, and strengthening the qualified and trained cadres to conduct such studies and research.
  • Appreciating the excellence in science and its applications through developing and implementing award and scholarship programs for outstanding scientists and researches.
  • Planning and promoting the national advisory studies projects and working on providing financial resources to implement them between amongst various sectors.
  • Raising public awareness on the importance of studies and consultations for all the programs and projects provided by the health and educational sectors to community members and promoting the scientific culture between the citizens.
  • Working on providing information related to studies and research and developing the means and the benefits of exchanging this information.
  • Protecting copyrights related to patents in health and educational fields that have been achieved by the University faculty members. Also, guiding them to useful studies and consultations and presenting their rights if others transgress on them.
  • Ensuring that the Center would be one of the most outstanding centers, a beacon and a reference for those interested locally and globally.

Indications of Achievement Standards:

  • Submitting periodic and final reports for the studies and consultations that the University funds.
  • Publishing the service rates provided by the beneficiary sectors.

Programs, Administrative Structure and the Center’s Administrative Board:

  • After the University Council’s approval, the organizational structure for the Center will be established in agreement with the systems of the Higher Education Council and universities.

Formal documents:
Paragraph (2) of Article (20) in the System of Higher Education Council and Universities states that the University Council can propose the establishment of colleges, institutes, departments, research centers and  supportive deanships, and to amend , merge or cancel the establishments’ names.

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