​​​​Unified University Surveys

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1. Course Surveydownload
Semester Based Programs:
Week 13
(First and Second Semester)

Block/Module Based Programs:
Two days before end of the Block
(First and Second Semester)
Semester Based Programs:
3 weeks after final exams

Block/Module Based Programs:
2 weeks after end of the Block
December 01, 2015
2. Program SurveydownloadWeek 13 (Second Semester)3 weeks after final examsFebruary, 2021
3. Student Experience SurveydownloadWeek 13 (First and Second Semester)3 weeks after final examsFebruary, 2021
4. Faculty Surveydownload

21 March 2021
5. Alumni Surveydownload

​Janu​ary 28. 2015
6. Employee Satisfaction Surveydownload

October 06, 2015
7. Employer Satisfaction Surveydownload

October 04. 2017

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