Brief about AJWAD

Surveys are important scientific tools whereby academic institutions collect data to assure quality, enhance processes and increase communication between stakeholders and university leaders. King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences has adopted “AJWAD” as a means to streamlining the process of data collection from its stakeholders. “AJWAD” consists of several electronic surveys used to assess and demonstrate the university’s progress in achieving academic and administrative excellence. “AJWAD” will be accomplished through a collaborative effort by stakeholders, which will include students, faculty, alumni and university employees.

AJWAD aims to:

o    Spread a culture of quality

o    Involve stakeholders in the process of quality

o    Achieve quality through sustainable assessment and improvement

o    Provide opportunity for feedback from stakeholders

o    Identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement


AJWAD includes the following surveys:

1. Program Survey
2. Course Survey
3. Student Experience Survey
4. Alumni Survey
5. Faculty Experience Survey
6. Employee Satisfaction Survey
7. Employer Satisfaction Survey

8. KSAU-HS Mission Survey

9. Council-Committee Evaluation Questionnaire​

10. Field Experience Survey (Student)


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AJWAD Partners:

1. Development & Quality Management Affairs
2. Corporate Educational Technology Services
3. Deanship of Quality Management

4. Deanship of Student Affairs
5. Deanship of Postgraduate Studies
6. Administrative & Financial Affairs
7. University IT Services, Technology & Health Informatics
Educational Affairs

9. University Relations & Media Affairs