Mission and Vision
To achieve global leadership in health professions education with commitment to excellence in research, patient care, and community service.  
KSAU-HS provides high quality health sciences education, health-related research, and community services that promote the health of society.

Core Values:  
• Ethical behavior:  honesty, respect, fairness and compassion
• Teamwork:  collaboration and cooperation
• Accountability:  fulfilling duty
• Transparency:  acting with clarity
• Excellence:  commitment to quality performance , innovation and creativity

Strategic Goals:
1. To create an outstanding university learning environment that enriches the lives of undergraduate students and helps them to become well-educated individuals, lifelong learners, productive healthcare providers, potential leaders and active citizens. 
2. To cultivate excellent postgraduate and professional health science programs, and advance research and scholarly enterprises.
3. To strengthen research in the health sciences so that it can meet internationally competitive standards and augment the work of the King Abdullah International Medical Research Center.
4. To attain national and international recognition for high quality academic programs.
5. To create, encourage, and facilitate opportunities for university-wide involvement in diverse community activities, and to collaborate with public- and private-sector partners who address the goals of the university and National Guard Healthcare System.
6. To attract high caliber University faculty for the future, and to emphasize their development/enhancement in light of new pedagogical modalities and expectations.
7. To create an organizational structure and promote a workplace culture that facilitates quality performance at all levels of the University.
8. To strengthen the financial foundation of the University in order to enhance its capacity to address financial needs and to maintain fiscal stability.
9. To develop an intellectually stimulating University campus for the future that is sustainable, flexible, imaginative and expandable, and to encourage a sense of community among faculty, staff and students.​
10. To forge robust collaborative partnerships amongst the components of the National Guard Healthcare System, and promote a more comprehensive multidisciplinary team practice.