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​​​​​KSAU-HS Strategic Plan 2022-2027​

KSAU-HS mission, vision and core values are prepared with the consideration of Islamic values, societal perspectives, Saudi Vision 2030, new national universities system, accreditation requirements, and stakeholders’ input. These statements aim toward ambitious and balanced transformation to address the national requirements while also keeping in mind the global dimension. Based on the above, the mission, vision, and core values were formulated:


A globally leading health sciences University ambitiously serving the nation's health.


The University aims to graduate distinguished healthcare professionals, pursue synergistic advanced health sciences education and innovative research, and promote effective community partnership.​

KSAU-HS Strategic Plan 2022-2027 Booklet

Core Values

 -Ethical behavior: honesty, respect, fairness, and compassion.

- Teamwork: effective collaboration and communication.

- Accountability: fulfilling duty.

- Transparency: integrity and clarity.

- Excellence: quality performance, innovation and creativity.

- Social Responsibility: act in the best interest of the nation’s health​

KSAU-HS Strat​egic goals

​​Strategic Goal 1: Develop academic programs and graduate distinguished professionals in healthcare and health sciences-related disciplines

Strategic Goal 2: Enhance excellence in health sciences research benefiting from the integration among the University, Research Center, and health system

Strategic Goal 3Create vibrant on-campus quality of life, and develop sustainable community partnerships

Strategic Goal 4: Pursue a sustainable financial foundation for the university that supports its bright future​​

Strategic Goal 5: Optimize operational processes to achieve organizational excellence​​

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