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​​​​​Can I apply again? Note that I applied this year and was not accepted.
Admission is only for new graduates except for the College of Nursing as long as it does not exceed three years.

Can I apply to the College of Medicine without passing the preparatory year at the university?
The preparatory year is compulsory for all students in the unified for: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, Applied Medical Sciences. 
You can only apply to the Public Health and Health Informatics without passing the preparatory year at the university.

Can I change my major after I started in a college or university I do not want to study in?
If you are studying one of the unified stream majors, you can transfer according to your grades and the evaluation of the College Board.

Can I transfer to another major in the university?
You cannot transfer from Nursing or Public Health and Health Informatics to the unified stream. However, transferring within the same stream between majors depends on the evaluation of the College Board.

Can I transfer to another university?
Yes you can, but you must communicate with the target university.

Do Medicine Graduates, second track receive a certificate of MD or MBBS?

Do you accept non-Saudi students?
Non-Saudi students from Saudi mothers can be accepted.

Do you offer a scholarship to transfer to another university?
There is no transfer available to another university.

Does the university have bridging programs?

How can I access my E-mail, Blackboard or Student Information System (SIS)?
All three of these items may be accessed on the main page by clicking on the “Quicklinks” located just below the search bar, or from the current student Gateway in the top right hand corner. 

How can I apply without knowing the result of my achievement test?
The University directly gets the results from the Assessment Center.

How can I get a discount in plane tickets?
Contact Student Affairs.

How can I participate in students’ club activities?
You can directly contact the student club through e-mail: studentsclub@ksau-hs.edu.sa

How long does it take to study medicine for bachelor holders?
Five years.

I am a non-Saudi. Can I join fellowship programs?
No, You can not, admission is for Saudis only.

I am a prospective student. Where can I locate admission forms and related requirements?
Under Admissions, there are Admission Dates as well as other related information. Moreover, the Prospective Students link is within the Gateways and contains the information relevant to application to KSAU-HS.

I can not access my email, what do I do?
Contact your college’s technical support.

I chose Riyadh as my regional setting but now I want to see Events in Jeddah. How can I do that?
There is a Map on the top right of the page. Current Regional Setting will appear next to the map. Click on the Map and choose your desired region.
I don’t see the information that I am looking for.
You can contact the concerned party for questions through the Feedback button in the bottom of the page.

I graduated from your university and my name in the certificate doesn’t match the one in my passport, how can I edit it?
Please refer to Admission and Registration Deanship in College of Pharmacy, the second floor.

I have graduated from high school one year ago, can I join the university?
Admission is only for new graduates, except for female College of Nursing, no more than three years.

I need information about the library and its hours. Where can I locate this?
The library information is located from the header under Knowledge Center.

I'm a non-Saudi from a Saudi mother. Can I join the university?
Yes, you can next year, you need to contact the Admission and Registration Deanship be email: dar@ksau-hs.edu.sa

Is my grade in the preparatory year included in the calculation of my GPA?

Is the medicine program for bachelor holders available in the university? What are the requirements?
Yes, it is. Admission is limited to graduates of the following disciplines (Science, Applied Medical Sciences, Pharmacy).

Is there a way to know my grade after the test?
Yes, through Blackboard.

Is there housing for the university students?

Is there medical insurance for students?

Some of the articles are too small for me to read.
On the top header there are three A.s, which the reader may click on to increase the font as needed.

What are the admission requirements?
Kindly check the admission guide