King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences is the only university that offers the opportunity to study for a bachelor's degree in medicine for holders of bachelor's degrees in scientific fields  (science, applied medical sciences, pharmacy).
The program is available to students in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Acceptance Conditions and Regulations for Male and Female Applicants

1 - The applicant must be a Saudi National. 
2 - The applicant must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Applied Medical Science or Pharmacy from a recognized university.
3 - The applicant must be a recent graduate; date of the degree must not exceed 5 years. 
4 - The cumulative GPA in the BA must not be lower than “Good”.
5 - The applicant must pass the Placement Exam. 
6 - The applicant must pass the personal interview and the medical examination.
7 - The accepted student must join the university on a full-time basis. 

Acceptance Regulations:
1 - All applications must be submitted through the Admission Online Portal.
2 - The applicants must carefully read the university’s rules and regulations before they start filling out the application forms.
3 - Failure of the applicant to follow the application procedures will have him/her excluded from the competition.
4 - The name of the applicant must be written in Arabic exactly as it appears in the National ID card.
5 - The applicant will be asked to present the original documents for cross  checking and will be required to hand in the original BA certificate.
6 - The applicant must present the following documents:
      A - The original and a certified copy of the Bachelor’s Degree/graduation certificate for matching. 
      B - In case the BA certificate was obtained from another country, it must be certified by the competent authorities in the concerned country. A copy of the accreditation/equivalency memorandum from the Saudi Ministry of Education must be attached.
​ C - A certified copy of the Academic Transcript.
      D - A certified copy of the completion certificate of the internship program.
      E - 3 colored personal photos 6x4.​

 Application forms must be submitted through the Admission Online Portal​