Transition from a training center to the university / King Abdulaziz Medical City:

Conditions of transition:
1. Completion of all admission requirements.
2. Letter of approval from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties on the transition.
3. The letter of approval of the training center to which the trainee applies.
4. Letter of approval of the trainee's work reference to the transfer.
5. A letter from the trainee explaining the reasons for the transfer.
6. Provide a copy of all the periodic assessment of the trainee for the period spent in the training program.
7. Report from the current program manager on the performance of the trainee during the period spent in the training center.
Upon completion of these admission requirements, the Training Program Committee and the Higher Medical Education Department at King Abdulaziz Medical City / University will review the transition request and the program's absorption capacity and will respond after that.