Admission Criteria for Bachelor Degree (Male-Riyadh)
Preparatory Year Track and Health Informatics Track

1-Applicant must be a Saudi National.
2-Applicant for unified track must be a recent graduate. 
3-Applicant for the track of health informatics must be a recent graduate( not exceed 3 years).
4- The cumulative GPA in high school (Medical Sciences) must not be lower than 90%.
5-Applicant must pass the personal interview and medical examination.
6- ِApplicant must apply for Admission to the scientific fields for students (Achievement test) that is provided by the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation in Higher Education.
7-Filling the application form through the unified website of the admission for students in the public universities and the technical College in Riyadh. 

Admission Regulations:
1- All applications must be through the unified website of the admission for students in the public universities and the technical College in Riyadh. 
2-Acceptances are subject to a differentiation between students according to the weighted ratio, availability of seats and personal interview.
3- Any student misses the completion of any procedure of submission will be removed from competition.
4-Full name must be written in Arabic in accordance with the high school certificate.
5 - Confirmation of the required documents in full after calling the student for the interview, namely:
        •4 personal photos of 6x4 size delivered upon arrival to the University.
        •3 images of national ID card with original for matching.
        •2 photographs of the GCSE in addition to Degrees Record for the curriculum system.

( Available Academic Programs for applicants in Riyadh (Male)

Academic Year 
Available Academic Program
1439- 1440
Preparatory Year Track

Health Informatics Track 

Competition for available seats will be as follows:
1-The general percentage in the secondary school certificate is 30% of the weighted ratio
2.-The degree of aptitude exam grade is 30% of the weighted ratio
3-The degree of achievement test represents 40% of the weighted ratio

Method of calculating the weighted ratio