​Admission Criteria for Bachelor Degree (Male-Jeddah, Al Ahsa) Academic year 2020 - 2021
​Unified Track   in Jeddah - Applied Medical Sciences programs in Al Ahsa

1-Applicant must be a Saudi National.
2-Applicant must be a recent graduate. 
3- The cumulative GPA in high school (Medical Sciences) must not be lower than 90%.
4-Applicant must pass the personal interview for programs that requires and medical examination.
5-Applicant must apply for Admission to the scientific fields for students (Achievement test) that is provided by the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation in Higher Education. 
6-Filling the application form through the website of the admission.
7- Submission of the original certificate when its requested is prerequisite for admission.
8- once your acceptance confirmed, it is not allowed to withdraw until starting classes.

Admission Regulations:
1- Your application will be canceled if discovered wrong information entered. 
2- All applications must be through KSAU-HS portal. 
3-Acceptances are subject to a differentiation between students according to the weighted ratio, availability of seats and personal interview.
4-Any student misses the completion of any procedure of submission will be removed from competition. 
5-Full name must be written in Arabic in accordance with the high school certificate. 
6- The results of the nomination must be followed up to the end of the admission period, through the link on Twitter account of Deanship of Admission and Registration.
7- The applicant must be medically fit.
8-when you get nominated for acceptance, you must provide 
        •Copy of your qualification certificate.
        • Copy of national ID card.
        •Copy of personal photo.

(Available Academic Programs for applicants in Jeddah & Al Ahsa (Male))

Academic Year
Available Academic ProgramGenderCampus
1441 H​
Unified Track
1441 H

Applied Medical Sciences programs

  • - Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy
  • - Bachelor of Emergency Medical Services
  • - Bachelor of Radiology
  • - Bachelor of Occupational Therapy​

MaleAl Ahsa

Please see details of the programs at this

​Competition for available seats will be as follows:
1-The general percentage in the secondary school certificate is 30% of the weighted ratio
2.-The degree of aptitude exam grade is 50% of the weighted ratio
3-The degree of achievement test represents 20% of the weighted ratio