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 Assessment Unit

​​​​​​The Assessment Unit at COAMS is a controlled-access private space that is managed by several qualified assessment coordinators and lead all programs' assessment and planning activities. It is the location where all exam's questions are deposited, examinations are coordinated, prepared, reviewed, reproduced, corrected and results collated and filed for documentation. ​

Assessment Unit Team

Mr. Syed Alamdar Shah
Assessment Coordinator​
Phone number: +966-11-4299999  Ex:95230​

Mr. Abdul Qayyum Aslam
Assessment Coordinator​
Phone nu​​mber: +966-11-4299999  Ex: 95231
​Email: aslama​​​ ​

Ms. Saima Zahid​​​​​​
Assessment Coordinator​​​​
Phone number: +966-11-4299999  Ex: 95273
​Email:​​ ​

Ms. Lamia Al Aqeel
Assessment Coordinator​​​​​
Phone number: +966-11-4299999  Ex: 99609
​Email: alaqee​​​​​​ ​

Ms. Athari Al Sawaji
Assessment Coordinator​​​​​
Phone number: +966-11-4299999  Ex: 99693
Email: sawajia​​​​​​

Mr. Khalid Al Saif​
Assessment Coordinator​​​​​​
Phone number: +966-11-4299999  Ex:95349

Mr. Elmer Daus
Administrative Assistant​
Phone number: +966-11-4299999  Ex:95188