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 Internship Program

​​​​​​KSAU-HS Interns

To provide high-quality training available in Saudi Arabia for Applied Medical Sciences (Emergency Medical Services, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Respiratory Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Anesthesia Technology, Radiological Sciences, Invasive Cardio Vascular Technology, Echo Cardiovascular Technology, and Clinical Nutrition) Interns at King Abdulaziz Medical City and other government hospitals during their Internship Program.

The Program is designed to achieve the following goals:

  • To develop a professional practitioner who is clinically adaptable to their work environment, a competent and confident clinical practitioner, and a critical thinker with critical inquiry and evidence-based practice as the foundation,
  • To promote the acquisition of advanced clinical knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are essential for a primary health care provider in a complex and continually evolving health care environment.
  • To expand the interns’ understanding of the structure, scope, and services of real practice settings.
  • To orient the interns and teaching assistants about the different professional roles & responsibilities.​​

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