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​​Anesthesia Technology Program (ANTC) is an allied health profession specifically focused on fundamental and advanced clinical procedures which assist the anesthesiologist in providing safe and efficient care of patients undergoing anesthesia.

Anesthesia Technologists may work in a variety of clinical settings including hospital operating room, interventional and diagnostic radiology, labor and delivery units, intensive care units, emergency rooms, outpatient procedure suites and day care operating room. Anesthesia Technologists is responsible of IV team services and provide the highest standard of care for all patients, pediatric and adult who require Intravenous cannulation.​


In lined with 2030 vision, the mission of Anesthesia Technology program at KSAU-HS is providing dedicative education for the future students with evidence-based knowledge and clinical practice, optimizing professional and communication skills in daily Anesthesia practice and being an active member in research growth and development.

Anesthesia Technology program participates efficiently in community services and activities that raise the awareness in Saudi Arabia and worldwide about Anesthesia.​


Anesthesia Technology program at KSAU-HS aims to become a recognized identity and excellent example in teaching and generating high-level bachelor’s degree holders worldwide.