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​​​ The Anesthesia Technology program (ANTS) at the College of Applied Medical Sciences (COAMS) is a profession in the field of allied health that specifically focuses on basic and advanced clinical procedures. These procedures are aimed at assisting anesthesiologists in providing safe and efficient care for patients undergoing anesthesia. Anesthesia Technologists have the opportunity to work in various clinical settings, such as hospital operating rooms, interventional and diagnostic radiology departments, labor and delivery units, intensive care units, emergency rooms, outpatient procedure suites, and daycare operating rooms. Anesthesia Technologists are responsible for providing high-quality care for all patients, both pediatric and adult, who require Intravenous (IV) cannulation. Additionally, the Bachelor of Science in Anesthesia Technology Program consists of four years of study followed by a one-year internship. During the internship, students will receive practical training for a duration of 12 months in a clinical setting. Program students will also actively participate in research, projects, and leadership activities that aim to improve the quality of practice and promote evidence-based clinical practice. ​

​​College                   College of Applied Medical Scienc​es.​​

Campus                  Undergraduate

Degree                    BSc (Bachelor’s degree in Anesthesia Technology)​

Gender                    Male & Female

ears of study        5 years (Includes Pre-Professional and Internship years)

Credit Hours           139​​

Language                English​