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The Clinical Nutrition Program strives to provide high-quality nutrition and dietetic education to advance the profession's practice through innovative teaching methods, research, and community-oriented programs.​

​To achieve recognition in Clinical Nutrition education with excellence in research, patient care and community service​.

Administrative/managerial Goals
  • To provide the optimum educational standard in the field of clinical nutrition for program graduates.
  • ​To offer training for the program graduates to enhance research skills in Clinical Nutrition
  • To prepare the program graduates to participate in community services for health promotion and disease prevention programs.​​

Educational Goals​
  • To prepare the program graduates with in-depth knowledge of nutrition and dietetics for Evidence-based practice and patient care​
  • ​To prepare the program graduates to demonstrate expertise in conducting food and nutrition-related research for community and intellectual development​
  • To prepare program graduates to demonstrate life-long learning and teamwork skills to perform safe patient care based on ethical concepts​​