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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Emergency Medical Services Program (EMDS) is the first BSc program in the Kingdom that was initiated to qualify National Saudi Paramedics according to the International High Standard. The program seeks to fill the wid​e gap of this especially in relation to other emergency healthcare manpower and promote a state-of-art model for emergency medical services education. Most of EMS programs around the world follow traditional curriculum and a few of them use case-based curricula.

Although problem-based learning is well established, the method of teaching in the medical field is fairly new in EMS programs. Our college, along with several other worldwide programs has adapted this method o​​f teaching in EMS programs. The curriculum is community-oriented and uses teaching and learning strategies that are student-centered.

The College adopted (with modifications) the EMS program of Flinders University in Australia with the intention of promoting the standards of EMS at national and international levels. The college avails itself of educational potentials in the existing health faculties in NGHA to train students properly and for access to high-quality research. This ensures cost-effective and efficient use of national resources to promote research that enhances the standard of health care provided to the citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The EMDS program aims to provide high-quality teaching using advanced and different methods of teaching, effective contribution to EMS relevant research and participation in community services. ​


  • Graduate highly qualified and competent paramedics, following the best practice. 
  • Graduate active paramedics in EMS innovative research and other scholarly activities.
  • Enhance graduates to collaboratively involve in different community services. Paramedics.