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 Mission,Vision,Values & Goals

The Occupational Therapy program is committed to provide high-quality teaching, field-related research, and foster professional services and community engagement that meet the needs of people in Saudi Arabia.

The Occupational Therapy program aspires to be nationally recognized for its excellence in teaching, scientific research, and effective community engagement. ​

    • Ethical behaviour.
    • Effective teamwork collaboration and communication. 
    • Accountability and fulfilling duty. 
    • Transparency, integrity and clarity. 
    • Excellence in quality performance, innovation, and creativity. 
    • Enhancing social responsibility.​

    • Graduate Occupational Therapy professionals who apply high-standard practice in the field using evidence-based approaches.
    • Prepare graduates to conduct scientific research in Occupational Therapy and health-related sciences.  ​
    • Encourage graduates' engagement in community services to enhance quality of life.​