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  • - On November 1, 2023, the Radiology Department actively participated in the International Day of Radiology, a global event dedicated to promoting the vital role of radiology in healthcare. The department organized a series of engaging activities and educational initiatives to raise awareness among healthcare professionals and the general public. They hosted informative seminars and workshops, highlighting the latest advancements in radiological technology and imaging techniques. Additionally, they conducted interactive sessions where visitors could learn about the significance of radiology in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. 
  • - The Radiology Department at the college of applied medical sciences took a significant step in promoting professional development and international collaboration by establishing the International Career Day of Radiology (ICDR). This initiative aimed to provide a platform for radiology students and professionals to connect, learn, and explore career opportunities on a global scale. The department organized an event featuring renowned speakers, workshops, and panel discussions, focusing on various subfields and emerging trends within radiology. The ICDR also facilitated networking opportunities, allowing participants to interact with experts and peers from different countries, exchange knowledge, and foster international collaborations. Contributing to the advancement of radiology as a global profession.
  • - The 14th Radiological Society of Saudi Arabia (RSSA) conference witnessed active and diverse participation from the radiology department, with students taking on the role of moderators and faculty members serving as speakers. This collaboration between students and faculty members exemplified the department's commitment to fostering a dynamic learning environment and promoting professional growth. Students, equipped with their knowledge and enthusiasm, skilfully moderated sessions, facilitating engaging discussions and ensuring a vibrant exchange of ideas among participants. Faculty members, renowned experts in their respective fields, served as distinguished speakers, delivering insightful presentations on a wide range of topics related to radiology. The radiology department's participation in the 14th RSSA conference showcased their dedication to nurturing student leadership and promoting excellence in radiological practice and education in Saudi Arabia.​