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 Mission,Program Goals​​& Core Values

To graduate well-trained and competent Radiology Technologists through maintaining academic excellence, contributing to research advancement in the field of radiological sciences, and serving the community in a professional and ethical manner by providing high quality health care in Radiological science and enhancing public awareness to radiation.

Program Goals​​
  • To graduate highly qualified and well-prepared students for professional practice and development in the field of Radiological Sciences by upholding high standards of education.​
  • ​To graduate radiological technologist who will be able to conduct well-designed and impactful radiological sciences-related research.
  • ​To graduate radiological technologists who can collaborate with healthcare multidisciplinary ​team and serve community for healthcare promotion.​

​Core Values
In​​ consonance with the University Core Values, the program core values are:
​​Ethical behavior and Islamic Values: honesty, respect, fairness, and compassion.

Teamwork: collaboration and cooperation.

Accountability: fulfilling duty.

Transparency: acting with clarity

Excellence: commitment to quality performance, innovation, and creativity.