College Committees

​Committee Name: 
​Colleg​e of Applied Medical Sciences Committee

  • ​Committee Charge:​

  • Members of the committee give their suggestions and directions for the smooth running of the college in both​academic and administrative aspect.
  • Review Academics Calendar, Class Routine and other related activities of the college.
  • Review and gives updates on faculty development programs.
  • Discuss examination schedules and make arrangement for exams conductions.
  • Plan for sustaining the quality of education, quality improvement and prepare for college accreditation.
  • Review student’s progress in term of performance, attendance and other related aspect.
  • Review Monthly college administrative report (Work Control, Logistic, EduTech).
  • Monitoring and managing staff commitment and performance.
  • Update programs’ directors and departments’ heads with any new announcement, rules and regulations.




      • ​​Dean, College of Applied Medical Sciences – Jeddah, KSAU-HS


  • 1.       Associate Dean, Student Affairs, COAMS-J-F
  • 2.       Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs, COAMS-J
  • 3.       Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs, Research Unit Chairman, COAMS-J
  • 4.       Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
  • 5.       Quality Unit Chairman,
  • ​6.       In- Charge of Information Technology, COAMS-J
  • 7.       Chairperson, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, COAMS-J
  • 8.       Program Director, Respiratory Therapy & Anesthesia Technology, COAMS-J
  • 9.       Program Director, Cardiovascular Technology, COAMS-J
  • 10.   Program Director, Emergency Medical Services
  • 11.   Program Director, Occupational Therapy, COAMS-J
  • 12.   Coordinator, Student Affairs, COAMS-J
  • 13.   Coordinator, Academic Affairs, COAMS-J
  • 14.   Coordinator of Administrative Affairs, COAMS-J-F
  • 15.   In- Charge of Administrative Affairs, COAMS-J-M