E-Learning Overview

COVID 19 pandemic is a global health disaster that mandates certain precautions to
minimize the risk of spreading the infection among the population. Ministry of Health in
alignment with World Health Organization recommended social distancing that includes
working and education.

Accordingly, On March 2020 the Ministry of Education initiated the directive of distant learning
as an implementation of the of this national directive, KSAU-HS launched the off-site learning
immediately. In order to execute the university mission, COAMS- J together with other two
colleges in the other campuses come up with a unified plan of conducting the learning
materials efficiently in a timely manner followed by the proper assessment tools.

The initial step at COAMS-J was formulation of a Taskforce Committee led by the college
leaders formulated serving a clear mission and came up with an action plan. As part of
committee mission is The Close monitoring of conduction of the teaching sessions, facilitating
all the necessary needs to achieve that goal.

It has been a great experience despite a continuous work around the clock and the tremendous
effort done at all the levels.
We would like to express Our sincere gratitude to the University leadership for their
continuous, unlimited support and guidance that we always had and more prominent during
this exceptional situation.

we would like to thank the Dean , Associate and Assistant Deans, Program Directors, Academic,
Students and Administrative Affairs staff, and the IT department for their great teamwork spirit
which contributed to the success of this unique mission.​