​Student affairs face numerous issues in today's higher education environment, and how we respond to these difficulties will impact our role in higher education. Creating successful learning environments and experiences have always been at the heart of student affairs work. Student learning is enhanced when standards for student performance inside and outside the lecture hall are high, appropriate to students' abilities and ambitions, and consistent with the organization's mission and principles. Expectations should cover a wide variety of student behaviors related to academic success, intellectual and emotional growth, and personal and societal responsibility.



Mission of the Department​


We strive to offer remarkable experiences that give meaning and vitality to each individual's learning, discovery, and engagement journey and become leaders in promoting excellence.



To accomplish its goals, the student affairs office will seek to form collaborative partnership with academic and non – academic units within the university and other affiliates to encourage the growth and development of students.

· To prepare students to make successful transition to the KSAU-HS environment.

· To lead the campus in delivering purposeful programs and services that address the holistic development of the student.

· To offer programs and services that enable students to establish realistic education and career goals.

· To identify and respond to student’s needs with personalized student services.

· To create and maintain a health and safe environment that support student’s success.

· To teach students to use their free time in a positive sense.

· To link academics to co-curricular learning experience.

· To provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills.

· To cultivate positive relationships among students, faculty, staff, and the broader community.

· To rise the spirit of competition. 


Department's Contact ​Male​

     StudentAffairs-COSHP@k​sau-hs.edu.sa     (+966-011) 4299999 Ext. 95567          
Al-Ahsa  ​     Upppa-f.studaffirs​​@k​sau-hs.edu.sa                 (+966-011) 4299999 Ext.          
Jeddah        upppj-studentm@k​sau-hs.edu.sa              ​               (+966-011) 4299999 Ext. 45403

Department'​s Contact Female

  coshp-f.std.aff@k​sau-hs.edu.sa                     ​ (+966-011) 4299999 Ext.   
Jeddah         upppj-studentf@ksau-hs.edu.sa               ​          (+966-011) 4299999 Ext. 45451 Or 45413