Bachelors Programs: Health Informatics


Program Mission

The BHI program strives to advance the quality and efficiency of the Saudi health care system through producing distinct graduates with in-depth knowledge and skills in health informatics. This mission is attained through using innovative teaching methods, collaborative research, and community-oriented education.


Program Goals

1- Graduate professionals with substantive knowledge and skills in the field of Health Informatics.
2.  Promote scientific research pertinent the HI through equipping the graduates with the necessary skills to read, evaluate, and conduct research. 
3- Contribute to the community through directing the education activities, projects and field experience to public and private health-care institutions.​


 Relationship between Program Mission and Goals and the Mission and Goals of the Institution/College.​

The mission of King Saud bin Abdul-Aziz University for Health Sciences is to graduate highly qualified Saudi health professionals in various health specialties to meet the crucial need of the society for effective, efficient, and equitable health services. The mission of the BHI is aligned with the overall institutional mission in terms of preparing future specialists who shall possess the knowledge and skill to collect, manage, analyze, and deliver data-driven information and, simultaneously, adhere to the health-care standards, government regulations, and professional ethics, in Saudi Arabia.


 Graduate Attributes

- Interpersonal skills are the competencies that allow graduates to interact effectively with other people
- Ability to problem solve, as it is needed to work closely with others from different disciplines
- Technical knowledge​
- Communication skills​


Course Curriculum​​





Cod e

Course Title


or Elective





Type of requirements

(Institution, College or Department)






ENGL 101English Communication Skills IRequired 5COSHP
ENGL 102English Grammar IRequired 4COSHP
ENGL 103English Academic Reading & Vocabulary IRequired 5COSHP
ARBC 101Arabic Language Skills IRequired 2COSHP
ISLM 101Islamic CultureRequired 2COSHP






ENGL 111English Academic WritingRequired 2COSHP
ENGL 112English Grammar IIRequired 2COSHP
ENGL 113English Reading & Vocabulary IIRequired 2COSHP
ARBC 111Arabic Language Skills IIRequired 2COSHP
BIOL 101Biology for Health SciencesRequired 2COSHP
CHEM 101Chemistry  for Health SciencesRequired 4COSHP
PHYS 101Physics for Health SciencesRequired 4COSHP






ENGL 201Medical TerminologyRequired 2COSHP
ENGL 211Advanced English Grammar& Writing for HSRequired 2COSHP
ENGL 212Advanced English Reading& Vocabulary for HSRequired 2COSHP
BIOC 216Biochemistry for Health InfromaticsRequired 4COSHP
BIOS 201BiostatisticsRequired 2COSHP
BHSC 201Behavioural SciencesRequired 2COSHP
COMP 201Computer Science &HIRequired 3COSHP
ELEC 201ElectiveRequired 1COSHP






PHIM 211Anatomy and physiology for Health InformaticsRequired 4COSHP
PHIM 212Principles of disease for health informaticsRequired 4COSHP
PHIM 213Basics of pharmacology for health informaticsRequired 2COSHP
EDUC 201Health Profession EducationRequired 3COSHP
HIIM 201Introduction to health informaticsRequired 2CPHHI




HINF 301Introduction to the Health Care SystemRequired 3CPHHI
HINF 302Principles of Health Information ManagementRequired 4CPHHI
HINF 303Information Systems for Health informaticsRequired 2CPHHI
HINF 304Management and Business PracticesRequired 3CPHHI
HINF 305Mathematical ReasoningRequired 3CPHHI
HINF 306Introduction to Research in Health InformaticsRequired 3CPHHI






HINF 311Alternative Health RecordsRequired 4CPHHI
HINF 312Technical AffiliationRequired 4CPHHI
HINF 307Legal Aspects of Health Information ManagementRequired 3CPHHI
HINF 313Coding and Classification SystemsRequired 3CPHHI
HINF 308Analysis of Health Care DataRequired 4CPHHI






HINF 411Coding and Reimbursement SystemsRequired 4CPHHI
HINF 401Human Resources ManagementRequired 4CPHHI
HINF 412Healthcare Financial ManagementRequired 3CPHHI
HINF 413Health Information ResearchRequired 4CPHHI
HINF 414Health care Data Structures and ManagementRequired 3CPHHI






HINF  415Systems AnalysisRequired 4CPHHI
HINF  416Programming and Data AnalyticsRequired 3CPHHI
HINF 417Current Issues in Health Information ManagementRequired 3CPHHI
HINF 418Quality Evaluation and ManagementRequired 3CPHHI
HINF 419Clinical PracticumRequired 5CPHHI