Program learning Outcomes

K​​​​now​ledge and Understand​ing ​ ​
K​1​ Recognize the informational need for care encounter, patient, providers and other organizations through the development of information management plans and strategies.
Describe the nature and limitations of existing data collection systems, and the need for Compliance with standards and regulations
State the structure of continuum of care and the exchange of health information between the entities, including but not limited to: levels of care including hospitals/acute, public health, long-term, home care, and community
S1Analyze, design and develop information systems that aim to enhance quality of healthcare and operational efficiencies of healthcare organization ​
S2Apply data quality management principles and analytic technologies to improve quality and efficiency of the healthcare.  ​
S3Evaluate, implement and manage health systems for clinical care and administrative purposes. ​
S4Apply principles of organization and management to human resources and information decision-making process. ​
S5Be responsible for the management of health information systems consistent with the medical, administrative, ethical, and legal requirements of the healthcare delivery system. ​
S6Capable to develop information systems for quality patient care, facility reimbursement, medical research, health planning, and healthcare evaluation. ​
S7Be responsibility for personnel, capital equipment selection, systems design and analysis, hospital committee activities, and budget management ​
S8Being able to analyze data, develop presentations, provide health information to qualified users, and safeguard confidential patient data. ​
Values ​ ​
V1Taking the initiative, with or without the assistance of others, in diagnosing their learning needs, formulating learning goals, identifying resources for learning, and evaluating learning outcome ​
V2Being able to Work effectively in teams to accomplish a goal ​
V3Act responsibly in personal and professional relationships by engaging in the intellectual life of the University outside the classroom and as a member of the community ​
V4Act ethically and consistently with high moral standards in personal and public forums using all forms of data and technology ​