Courses Catalog

HINF 502 Research Methods and Information Sources in Biomedical & Health Information Sciences:​
Provides students the opportunity to establish and advance their understandings of research methods in health informatics. The course is designed to provide the students with the introduction to the research process, research ethics. As well as research approaches.

HINF 503 Communication Skills in Health Informatics:
An application course in which students assess and practice effective written and oral methods of communication skills necessary for health informatics professionals. 

HINF 504 Ethics and Legal Issues in Health Informatics:
Understanding the theories that make the foundations of current professional health ethics. Exploring the applied ethics of health informatics and how to deal with ethical issues through different scenarios.

HINF 506 Fundamental of Health Information Management:
Provides an overview of health services system and health information management. Furthermore, the principles of medical terminology to help the student develop the extensive medical vocabulary used in health care occupations.​

HINF 505 Health Care Information Systems:
Examination, through case studies, group and class discussions, and problem-based learning, of the effective utilization of information technology applications currently in place and on the horizon in health care organizations

HINF 511 Health Care Data:
This course takes students through the data Lifecycle journey where they explore different data sources in healthcare, the different data types and their special characteristics, and the design of data storages in healthcare systems. This course also exposes students to multiple topics related to data analysis and transforming data and information into knowledge. 

HINF 512 Application of Health Care Information Systems:
Knowledge and experience with a variety of healthcare applications utilizing current information technology and systems implemented in healthcare provider organizations. Prerequisite(s): HINF 505. 

HINF 513 Management of Health Care Communication Systems:​
Examination and management of data communications in and between health care facilities including examination of issues, standards, technologies, and system configurations. Prerequisite(s): HINF 505. 

HINF 612 Health Information Systems Analysis and Design:
This course provides students with a firm understanding of the Systems development life cycle and equips them with tools and techniques that help them to plan, analyze, and design systems in healthcare. Prerequisite(s): HINF 505. ​

HINF 611 Health Care I.T. Vendor Management:
Examines the environment and activities necessary to plan, select, contract, and implement systems from suppliers in the healthcare I.T. industry. Prerequisite(s): HINF 505. 

HINF 621 Theoretical Concepts of Clinical Decision Support Systems:
An examination of foundational concepts of clinical decision support systems, an area that utilizes both biomedical and computer sciences to enhance effectiveness of the clinical decision making process. 

HINF 622 Health Informatics Business Intelligence Tools and Application:
Provide students with core business intelligence concepts and fundamentals, applying them to create best practices through informed decision making. 

HINF 631 Patient Safety Topics in Health Informatics:​
3 hours. The application of health informatics knowledge to the issue of patient safety. 

HINF 632 Consumer Health Informatics:​
Examines the developing area of consumer health informatics from both theoretical and practical knowledge management perspectives through class discussions.

HINF 633 Health Care Information Security:
Health information security and methods to achieve it; stresses risk assessment and pre-emptive action; outlines important role of security policies and procedures; surveys security technology with focus on non-technical security approaches. 

HINF 634 Transforming Healthcare using Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics:
An examination, through readings and class discussion, of various health data and information technologies and capabilities required by healthcare organizations as they undergo the major transformations needed to support emerging care models.  

HINF 641 Informatics for the Clinical Investigator:​
This course provides the foundation of requisite knowledge of computer and healthcare information sciences for the clinical investigator. 

HINF 642 Knowledge Management in Healthcare Organizations:
An examination, through readings, case studies, research publications, and discussion, of the current issues, concepts, and technologies of Knowledge Management in Healthcare Organizations. 

HINF 613 Social and Organizational Issues in Health Informatics:
Examines the impact of information systems on the health care organization and applies theory through case study analysis. 

HINF 623 Practical Implementation of Clinical Decision Support Systems:
A practical application of CDSS concepts in which students plan, design, and implement course CDSS projects intended for patient care settings. 

HINF 635 Mobile Health Informatics:
Examines the field of mobile health informatics from theoretical and applied information technology and management perspectives.

HINF 636 Health Care Project Management:
Introduces health industry workers to specific health care project management and methods that achieve outcomes in the health care organization; stresses project life-cycle as the primary approach; uses project management book of knowledge. 

HINF 643 Health Care I.T. Administration:
Examines organizational and management issues in healthcare I.T. ​

HINF 650 Health Informatics Research Project:
The main purpose of the graduation project is to provide students with an opportunity to independently conduct original research project in one area of health informatics directed by a faculty member.​​