Program Learning Outcomes

​K​​​​now​ledge and Understand​ing 
K​1Recognize family safety as a public health priority and the burden and impact of domestic violence prevention.
K2Describe the health, legislative and social frameworks of family safety and domestic violence.
K3Describe the multidisciplinary comprehensive approach to modern era domestic violence issues.
S1Demonstrate ability to manage variety of cases using multi-disciplinary approach relevant to family safety process.​
S2Apply evidence-based research and scientific approach to promote family Safety practice and decision-making.
S3Demonstrate leadership and effective interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
Values, Autonomy, and Responsibility​ ​
V1Support advocacy for family safety and domestic violence prevention.
V2Show professionalism and ethical values in managing cases of domestic violence.​​​
V3Respect cultural diversity and community values relevant to family safety and domestic violence prevention.​