Program Description​
HELP provides you with critical skills to lead your organization to success through a series of seven courses. The program is designed to be completed within one year. Our goal is to bring current and future leaders, managers, and executives from academia and healthcare under one roof to ensure diversity among our participants and educators. Therefore, the curriculum and courses are designed to meet the needs of executive leaders, and the delivery is designed to fit into the schedules of working healthcare professionals who are busy during the day but still interested in building their healthcare leadership skills.

The program consists of a total of 7 courses spread over three trimesters; 4 courses (5 credit hours), 1 seminar course (2 credit hours), and 2 Capstone Graduation Project courses (1 credit hour each),  for a total of 24 credit hours for the entire program. The following table illustrates the program schedule breakdown.

  • Fi​rst Trimester

    (10 credit hours)

    Second Trimester

    (8 credit hours)

    Third Trimester

    (6 credit hours)

    Module 1 - HELP 501

    (5 credit hours)

    Module 3 - HELP 504

    (5 credit hours)

    Module 4 - HELP 505

    (5 credit hours)

    Module 2 - - HELP 502

    (5 credit hours)

    Capstone Graduation Project 1 - HELP 508

    (1 credit hours)

    Capstone Graduation Project 2 - HELP 518

    (1 credit hours)

    Executives Seminar - HELP 503

    (2 credit hours)



    Why Is This Leadership Program Called HELP?
    HELP is a competency-based program that uses the Health Leadership Competency Model 3.0™framework developed by the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) for 21st Century Healthcare. There are two main domains of competencies: Action Competency domains and Enabling Competency domains (see figure).
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