Program Learning Outcomes

​K​​​​now​ledge and Understand​ing 
K​1​ Define public health core functions and public health essential services.​
K2​Describe the process of managing, leading, organizing, improving, financing, and delivering public health programs.​
K3Recognize the concept of health and its determinants in the larger organizational and social context. ​
S1Apply the principles of program planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of public health services and systems. ​​
S2Use a system thinking approach for developing, and evaluating health policies and programs aimed at addressing health system performance and population health. ​
S3Use quality management tools and methods to improve processes and outcomes of healthcare organizations and public health systems. ​
S4Apply financial management and economic tools to evaluate and improve person-centered and value-based health outcomes. ​
S5Conduct meaningful research and data analysis to translate research into policy and practice. ​
Values ​ ​
V1Demonstrate ethics of conduct that promote the highest standards of professional and academic integrity and stewardship
V2Show teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation through fostering collegiality and mutual respect. ​​

Graduate Attributes​ ​ ​
1Team players and leaders
2Change agents
3Ethical and professional.​ 
4Excellent communicators​
5Creative and critical thinkers ​
6Problem solver
7Decision maker​ ​
8Strategic planner​ ​