​Health Executive Leadership Program-HELP​​

What is it?​
This Postgraduate Higher Diploma is a new Health Executive Leadership Program being offered at College of Public and Health Informatics, King Saud ben Abdul-Aziz University for Health Science (CPHHI-KSAU-HS) for Health Professionals who would like to be effective executive, leaders and managers.


Why is this leadership program called HELP?​
Since the expected participants are already working at executive positions or soon to be, HELP is designed to go beyond traditional teaching content about leadership. HELP will not only be teaching you what to learn but will be helping you how to Learn, Share and Practice leadership knowledge, skills, and competences.


Program Description​:​
This program is innovative in the way it is designed. We aim to bring current and future executive, managers and leaders from academia and health services sectors under one roof to ensure diversity of our participants. Thus, the curriculum and courses (blocks) are designed to fit the busy schedules of working health professionals who are preoccupied during daytime but are still interested and passionate about developing their health executive leadership skills.
The program is designed to be completed in one-year timeframe. The program will consist of a four blocks total (each block is 8 weeks long) and two longitudinal courses (Executives Seminar and Capstone Graduation Project)  distributed over two semesters. Each block carries 5 hours credits, in addition to 2 credit hours for each longitudinal course for a total of 12 credits hours per semester and 24 credits hours for the whole program. The following table illustrates the timetable of the program

W​inter Semester (12 credit hours)Fall Semester (12 credit hours)
Module 1 (5 credit hours)Module 3 (5 credit hours)
Module 2 (5 credit hours)Module 4 (5 credit hours)
Executives Seminar (2 credit hours)
Capstone Graduation Project (2 credit hours)


Program Venue
Riyadh Campus


Course Curriculum​​:

HELP 501 Leadership and Management in Health Systems 5 credits 
This course aims to provide program participants with the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) on leadership and management to become effective executive, including the leadership competencies that enable them to take the right decisions and actions on the right time and leading people and change toward the right directions and to produce the needed outcomes. 

HELP 502 Applied Leadership in Health Systems Context 5 credits 
This course is designed to enable participant to apply the learned leadership and management principles, theories, frameworks, models, and competences in the context of healthc systems, with more focus on Health Care Organizations (HCOs) and public health program as well as the Health Academic Institutions (HAIs) and academic programs.         

HELP 503 Executive Seminar on Contemporary Leadership Topics 2 credits 
The course will cover wide range of emerging contemporary health topics and issues to be discussed among program participants from executive leadership perspective and their implications on patient care, organization quality performance, and health outcomes, including the professional and social role or responsibilities of executives in leading the health system and its organizations and institutions. The course topics will be updated periodically.

HELP 504 Evidence-Based Decision-Making and Management Practice 5 credits 
In this course participants will learn how to search and use the best available evidence during the decision-making process and daily management practice in a ​systematic way. The course will focus on equipping participants with set of transformational leadership competencies and skills, such as analytical thinking, information seeking and innovative thinking. By the end of the course, participant will able to formulate the right questions, acquiring relevant evidences, appraising evidences, applying evidences in the decision-making process and daily management practice, and then assessing the impact of evidence–based approach in health care organizations and/ or academic institutions. 

HELP 505 Lea​ding Transformational Change in Health systems       5 credits  
This course focuses on the role of leadership and effective leader in leading people and change that bring about performance improvement at different levels, including the local and national improvement initiatives and improvement projects at different levels of health system. Thus, the course will cover wide a range of themes/topics on the leading and managing change, including change management theories and models, future visionary leader, transformational strategies and program,  system and community orientation thinking, Team leadership  and teamwork, self-confidence, and self-development,  effective  communication skills and the role of  information technology management in leading and managing change.   

HELP 506 Graduation Project 2 credits 
In this course, participants will conduct a capstone project to demonstrate their ability to apply what they learned during the program, in a fieldwork assignment. Bringing new insights into, knowledge and competences to real-world healthcare settings and academic services. This will help identify gaps that need to be addressed and methods to ensure that they are addressed effectively.           ​

HELP is competency-based program using the Health Leadership Competency Model 3.0™framework developed by The National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL) for 21st century healthcare. There are two main areas of competencies: Action Competency Domains + Enabling Competencies Domains as illustrated