Program Learning​​ Outcomes​

​K​​​​now​ledge and Understand​ing 
K​1​ Describe public health, its core functions, essential services, and main methods related to public health programs and services.
K2Define health determinants and its effect on health disparities
K3Recognize the role of public health practitioners within the community
S1Identify public health issues and priorities
S2Design public-health interventions to address health problems within defined populations.  ​
S3Appraise published public health research, evidence, and interventions. ​
S4Apply different research methods to generate public health evidence. ​
S5Communicate scientific public-health issues and findings.
Values ​ ​
V1Professional Integrity and Stewardship: demonstrate ethics of conduct that supports scholarships and promotes the highest standards of academic integrity and engage in lifelong learning.
V2Teamwork, collaboration and cooperation: through fostering and enhancing an obligation for cooperation, collegiality, and mutual respect.