Responsibilities of DQA Unit

1.     Follow the general concepts of the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS).​

2.     Apply national or international standards.

3.     Collect, analyze, and review reports, surveys, and KPIs.

4.     Ensure the implementation of updated administrative policies and procedures.

5.     Review resolutions of respective college committee meeting minutes/reports pertaining to quality                                  and academic a​ccreditation and ensure the implementation of any approved recommendations                                        and measure effectiveness.

6.     Provide the needed support to faculty and staff regarding quality issues.

7.     Spread and sustain quality culture at the college’s level. 

8.     Ensure archiving of programs accreditation documents for future enhancement. 

9.     Provide support for institutional accreditation/re-accreditation.​​​

10.   Submit regular reports to the appropriate bodies upon their request.

11.   ​Perform any other duties related to college development, quality assurance and academic  ​                                              accreditation.​​