The Health Systems Management Program at KSAU-HS is dedicated to making a lasting positive impact on Health Systems performance and outcomes in Saudi Arabia and the Region.​​


Health Systems Management Program​

  1. HSM Vision Statement

    The HSM Department strives to become an internationally recognized center of excellence for education and research that positively impact population health and well-being.


    HSM Mission Statement

    To successfully prepare future leaders who will transform the practice and science of health care and public health to meet the evolving health needs of individuals and populations.


    HSM Goals Statement

    1.       To train public health professionals  in leadership and management.

    2.       To train public health professionals with research skills in health systems management.

    3.       To conduct scientific research on health system performance and population health.

    4.       To provide community services that address community health and education needs.

  2. Strategic alignment of the program

  3. The program stands out due to its distinctive design, which integrates the science, knowledge, and competencies of both public health and health systems management.

    Linking with KSAU-HS’s Vision

    The HSM program exemplifies the College and University's unwavering dedication to advancing the University's "Healthy Nation" vision through strong leadership.

    Linking with Saudi 2030 Vision

    At the national level, the HSM program is in complete alignment with Saudi Vision 2030’s “Vibrant Society and Ambitious Nation.”

    Linking with the Global Vision

    At the global level, the mission, and goals of the HSM program are align within the overarching global vision of Health for All, led  by the World Health Organization. This vision aims to achieve good health for all individuals through the implementation of evidence-based policies and programs. It has also been embraced by the United Nations 2030 Agenda as the Sustainable Development Goal of "Good Health and Well-being".​