Research Unit

In creating the Research Unit, our aim is to enhance the quality of scientific research and educational experiences, and to encourage good research practice amongst King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences students and faculty. This is in keeping with the university’s ongoing commitment to innovative learning, scientific research, compassionate patient care, and community health promotion.
The findings of these research studies will enable our nation’s policy-makers to more accurately address public health concerns. The Research Unit will be a powerful tool to promote and enhance scientific research in the university.

It will also position King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences as the key leader in public health research in the entire Arab world.

Statistical Consulting Services
The Research Unit offers a variety of research consulting services for current KSAU-HS faculty and students. The services are provided by a biostatistics faculty member from the department of epidemiology and biostatistics.
Note: If you are working in your course homework, we advise you to consult your professor for coursework help.
If you are working on your graduate research project, we provide you with direction in understanding your statistical analyses. We also provide you with the statistical model selection and practical guidance on data analysis.
Here is a list of our free services:

  • Problem formulation
  • Sample-size determination
  • Selection of statistical models
  • Advice on statistical modeling
  • Help with interpreting output
  • Advice on choice of statistical software
  • Explanation of statistical content of papers in your discipline
  • Guidance on data analysis
  • Consulting is available by appointment only. To request our services, please make request by sending email to Both the student and the faculty research advisor will be asked to attend the meeting.​

Student Proposal Submission

All research proposals that require data collection from King Abdulaziz Medical City must be submitted for institutional approval to the Student Research Committee, then to the Research Unit at CPH&HI, and the Research Office at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center.

  1. Student must submit his/her research proposal to the appropriate Student Research Committee (Public Health or Heath Informatics) by the specified deadline.
  2. The Student Research Committee will carefully assess the research proposal for completeness and the format required by King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC).
  3. For the internal review process, the proposal (without names) will be included in the peer review reports.
  4. Each proposal will be assigned a number instead of faculty mentor and student names. The Student Research Committee will submit the research proposal to at least two faculties for review and feedback.
  5. Each reviewer will use the standard review form provided by KAIMRC.
  6. Reviewers must follow the guidelines and standards of KAIMRC in reviewing study proposals.
  7. The student and faculty research advisor will be asked to address all comments made by reviewers.
  8. The student and faculty research advisor will also be asked to complete responses to the reviewer form to ensure address each reviewer comment.
  9. The necessary changes should be made using different colors within the Word document of your revised proposal to enable the Student Research Committee, Research Unit, and KAIMRC to easily view your changes.
  10. Once the student has addressed all reviewers concerns, the Student Research Committee will submit the research proposal to Research Unit, and then to KAIMRC Scientific Committee and IRB office for final approval.
  11. All other communications will be directly between KAIMRC and the authors of the proposal (student and faculty research advisor), with a copy to the Chair of the Student Research Committee and the Director of the Research Unit.​