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​KSAU-HS’s branch in Al Ahsa opened its doors in in February 2009, represented by the College of Nursing as a first step, with a temporary building, which soon developed gradually due to the increasing demand of female students. Though, The College of Nursing in Al-Ahsa is the third college in terms of establishment after Riyadh and Jeddah.​

In 2013, the college moved to a university campus that is equipped with all the material and human capabilities to enhance the theoretical and laboratory educational process.

The College of Nursing awards the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) for female high school graduates, a standard four-year program; the first two years of the curriculum are pertaining to the Pre-Professional Program which is shared with all health sciences students. It focuses on providing the foundation for professional health-care related education.

Where as the third and fourth years are pertaining to professional nursing education, where students acquire knowledge and skills necessary to provide care for complex health problems of individuals, families or communities; there is an emphasis both on theory, laboratory skills, and clinical learning.

Following the completion of the curriculum, students must complete one year of Internship successfully prior to receiving graduation certificate. The internship training is 12 months of intensive clinical training.

The College of Nursing is located in the campus of King Saud Abdulaziz University for Health in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia.