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As part of the University’s Vision and Mission, the College of Nursing aims to produce competent and professional graduates through high-quality education. To embrace this purpose, the Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Unit was formed to establish an internal quality assurance system and act as the driver towards national and international presence and accreditation. 
The College worked closely with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) to gain academic excellence and accreditation in all offered degree programs. The College is heading towards accreditation by the National Commission on Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA). The College is embracing the NCAAA standards and is working in continues enhancements in a dynamic academic context covering education, research, leadership and community services with active participation from all stakeholders.
With the higher management support and charges given to the Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Unit, the unit works vigorously to:

  1. ​Apply principles of quality assurance based on the appropriate national accreditation bodies' standard (e.g. NCAAA and SCFHS) in different academic and non-academic units.
  2. Assure that the requirements for program's accreditation are met in a timely manner.
  3. Assure systematic implementation of the curriculum or programs, best utilization of learning resources, optimal educational management and monitor the outcomes of the academic programs.
  4. Ensure the implementation of a quality program against the appropriate national and international accreditation bodies.
  5. Submit applications for accreditation to be approved by the Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Committee.
  6. Identify gaps in the program, curriculum, assessment and evaluation to suggest the necessary improvement plans to the Program Curriculum Committee and CON Executive Committee
  7. Ensure and enforce the presence of quality culture.
  8. Enhance quality research and its publication within their College.

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