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The CON-A Research Unit has a growing reputation as delivering an innovative leadership of conducting research studies. The unit will be responsible in executing and monitoring the process of the research activity at CON-A. The aim of the unit is to encourage faculty to conduct cross-disciplinary collaborative research at national and international level that is focussed on improving outcomes for community and addressing the needs of stockholders.

Unit Charges:
1) Act as a peer review body on proposal/scientific papers to be presented in conferences or submitted for publication.
2) Support faculty in completing and ​submitting research/grants proposals to KAIMRC.
3) Provide consultation to faculty in different research activities including but not limited to data management, budget preparation and editing.
4) Enhance faculty-student research collaboration.
5) Establish dialogue and increase multi-disciplinary collaborative research
6) Disseminate research related accomplishments within the College of Nursing.
7) Search for funding opportunities to conduct research studies of interest to nursing.
8) Organize seminars and workshops on research skills.
9) Prepare the unit's annual report and submit it to Research Committee and QAAA Unit
10) Network within the Research Center at KSAU-HS.

Chairperson:  Dr. Faiza Al Jarmeez, Assistant Professor, CON-A, KSAU-HS
Co- Chairperson: Dr. Azza abdelrazak attia baraka, Assistant Professor, CON-A, KSAU-HS

Prof Jehad Halabi, Professor, CON-A, KSAU-HS
Dr. Zainab Ambani, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-A, KSAU
Dr. Hend Mohamed Elazazey, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-A, KSAU
Dr. Vathana Pazhanivelu, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-A, KSAU
Dr. Randa El Sayed, Lecturer, CON-A, KSAU-HS
Ms. Jennifer  Maravilla, Clinical Teaching Assistant, CON-A, KSAU-HS
Ms. Rehab Rehayel Almutrafi, Teaching Assistant, CON-A, KSAU-HS
Ms. Lama Yousef Al Brahim, Teaching Assistant, CON-A, KSAU-HS

Research Assistant: 
Ms. Ghadah AbdulAziz AlShikh-Mubarak, Research Assistant II, Nursing Department, CON-A, KSAU-HS