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The nursing skill /simulation laboratories at CON-A are Considered a major learning resource for nursing student to provide efficient and safe patient care as well as the integration of theory into clinical procedures. 

The nursing simulation laboratories aim to improve patient safety and quality care through use of clinical simulation in education and research. 

​Our Goals:

Nursing Skill/ Simulation Laboratory aims to educate nursing students at all levels by:

  • -Enhance the clinical competence of students through interactive learning experiences.
  • -help the student to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • -promote and enhance patient safety and quality health care​​
  • -Practice various Nursing roles within health care delivery system
  • -Develop skills needed for continuous knowledge update in nursing practice.
  • -Encourage research leading to improvement in clinical education skills of clinical instructors.

Lay out of Nursing Skills/ Simulation Laboratory:

The clinical skills laboratories located at the Second floor of the College of Nursing. It is comprised of the following: