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​​​CON Mission:​

CON prepares nursing graduates to transform healthcare through high quality academic and research foundation and respond to changing community needs in various health care settings.​

CON Vision:​

A globally leading health sciences College ambitiously serving the nation's health.   ​​

BSN Mission:

BSN program prepares nurses with high quality nursing education, professional practice, and leadership skills to provide holistic healthcare, conduct research, and promote health in communities.  ​​​

CON Goals:​

  1. Enhance the quality of all academic programs in consistence with the best practices of nursing education.
  2. Achieve and maintain academic accreditation. 
  3. Enhance excellence in nursing research by collaboration among the university, research center, and health system. ​
  4. Promote community engagement in response to community health needs and promote quality of campus life in response to stakeholders’ needs.​

BSN Goals:​

  1. Equip students with the knowledge and skills to provide high quality nursing in various health settings.
  2. Achieve and maintain program academic accreditation.
  3. Promote nursing research foundation and achievement of BSN graduates.
  4. Enhance BSN graduates’ involvement in community services.

​​​Graduate Attributes​​
​In-Depth Knowledge 
​Comprehensive nursing knowledge 
​Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 
​Critical thinking and decision making
​Proficiency in research
​Proficiency in research ​
​Safe patient care and competency in the discipline 
​Patient-Centered Care
​Effective Communication
​Professional Communication
​Versed in ethics discipline
​Professional ethical practice
​Efficient in teamwork 
​Multidisciplinary teamwork​
​Life-long learning 
​Life-long learning 
​Diversity and Community engagement