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The College of Nursing at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences has established Assessment and Evaluation Unit that aims to deliver educational services to the College and other affiliated colleges within the University. These services include but are not limited to assessment, examinations storage, and question banking.

Assessment Unit Statement of Purpose

  • To define regulations and procedures for written examinations, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE).
  • ​Streamline the process of examination.


Charges of the Assessment Unit

  • Responsible for producing results and generating reports through scanning the OMR Sheets by OMR Scan Machine
  • Compilation of Results ​
  • Course contents and the examination following the course blueprint.
  • Analyze the results of the student exams and submit a feedback report.
  • ​​Ensure complete confidentiality of the Assessment Unit.


Assessment Unit Responsibilities

  • CON-R Questions bank.
    Item storage
    Blueprinting of examination
    Examination Preparation 
    Collection of examination and Distribution
    Marking and Results Preparation
    Timely well produced examinations with well-organized examination venues
    Uploading Students grades on the Student Information System (SIS) & Blackboard
    Result processing to DAR for student transcript.
    Storage of final Examinations
    OSCE coordination 
    Result Processing and Announcement
    Appeal or grievance.   
    Result Statistic and Reports

Contacts of Assessment unit:​

Dr. Amal Khulaif Alanazi, Chairperson, Ext: 99433

Dr. Eman Dawood, Co-Chairperson, Ext: 99443

Ms. Munira Raheem, Assessment Coordinator, Ext: 99420

Ms. Hanadi Al Otaibi, Assessment Coordinator, Ext: 99468​