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​The Development and Quality Assurance Unit is established as a unit that will be responsible in executing and monitoring the progress of the daily tasks in each College of Nursing campus. The unit will report to the respective unified committee; nonetheless, any concerns arising on a daily basis will be reported to the College Dean.​

Unit Charges

  • Spread and sustain quality culture at colleges’ level. 

    Apply of updated Administrative Policies and Procedures. 

    Implement the accreditation process of the programs applications for national and international accreditation as applicable. 

    Ensure archiving of programs accreditation documents for future enhancement.   

    Provide support for institutional accreditation/re-accreditation. 

    Collect, analyze and review reports, surveys, KPIs and benchmarks submitted by different Units. 

    Submit regular reports to the appropriate bodies upon their request. 

    Provide needed support to faculty, staff and students in areas related to his/her domain.

    Review resolutions of respective college committee meeting minutes/reports pertaining to quality and academic accreditation and ensure the implementation of any approved recommendations and measure effectiveness.  

    Apply the principles of quality assurance based on the appropriate national accreditation bodies’ standards (e.g. ECC-NCAAA, SCHS and international) in different academic and non-academic units. 
    Enhance the quality of research and its publication within their college or deanship. 

    Perform any other duties related to college development, qua​lity assurance and academic accreditation.

  • Membership of DQA:

Dr. Arwa AlHamed​​, Chairperson, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Hanem Abdelmawla, Co-Chairperson, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R​

Dr. Sitah AlShutwi​ , Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs​, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Moudi AlBargawi, Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Amal Gouda, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Mona Al Anazi, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Nouf Aldhafeeri, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Hanaa Abo Shereida, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Ms. Ellaine Dela Rama​, Lecturer, Nursing Department, CON-R

Ms. Lerma Cabaldo​, Clinical Teaching Assistant , Nursing Department, CON-R

Ms. Esel May Demapanes, Academic Affairs Officer, DQA Unit, , CON-R, Phone: +966 11 4299999 Ext: 99405/99429

Ms. Ghada AlMonaie, Data Entry Clerk, DQA Unit, CON-R, Phone: +966 11 4299999 Ext:​ 99476​