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The Nursing Skills/ Simulation Laboratory provides a supportive environment for students to learn and master nursing skills. It is an integral part of nursing education that enable students to practice in a safe environment while performing a variety of tasks to master the required nursing skills before moving to the actual hospital environment .
In the Nursing Skills/ Simulation Laboratory, students engage in active learning experiences that enable them to be self-directed learners. A solid underlying scientific principles of technical skills helps students translate learning from the laboratories to a variety of clinical settings. We work hard to make the laboratories a non-threatening environment where students feel safe to learn, yet are challenged to continually grow and improve their performance.


Goals of the Nursing Skill/ Simulation Laboratory:

Nursing Skill/ Simulation Laboratory aims to educate nursing students at all levels by:

  • Provide a risk- free environment for student learners that reinforce critical thinking and decision making
  • Demonstrate nursing skills competence before real clinical training.
  • Demonstrate skills in the safe use of interventions while providing patient care.
  • Practice patient safety skills in quality of care.
  • Practice various Nursing roles within health care delivery system
  • Enhance ethical issues and values in patient care
  • Develop skills needed for continuous knowledge update in nursing practice.


Lay out of Nursing Skills/ Simulation Laboratory:

The clinical skills laboratories located at the ground floor of the College of Nursing. It is comprised of the following:

  • Adult I Nursing Skills Laboratory.
  • Adult II Nursing Skills Laboratory.
  • Maternity Nursing Skills Laboratory.
  • Pediatric Nursing Skills Laboratory.
  • Storage area for supplies.
  • Lab Custodian office.


Working Hours:

The Nursing skill/ Simulation Laboratory is open 08:00 A.M. -17:00 P.M., five days a week and is primarily used for scheduled skills /simulation sessions and other student support sessions.