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​​​​ ​​Course Title​​​​​
Chemistry for Health Sciences II​
​​​ Cour​se Code
CHEM 112​
​​​​ Credit Hours
​This course covers the organic chemistry, which consists of theoretical and practical parts.  In the theoretical part, the student will acquire a broad knowledge about the organic compounds including the recognition of functional groups for the families of organic molecules, types of formulas, classification, structures and molecules, geometry, and physical properties. The student will be able to apply the IUPAC rules for naming the compounds and the common names. He will also be able to name and identify the chemical reactions, predict the reactants, reagents or products for a defined set of organic reactions. Also, the students will acquire a brief knowledge about the aromatic compounds and their reactions as well as the stereoisomerism including the types of isomers and their properties. In the practical session, the student will learn the safety protocols and cover the basic techniques and illustrates principles presented in the classrooms.