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​The Faculty Development Center serves to enhance faculty members’ teaching skills by connecting them with resources for innovation and renewal. The Faculty Development Center invites faculty to make use of its services, all of which exist for formative (or developmental) purposes.

 Our Goals:

  • To support effective and innovative teaching that enables student learning.
  • To advance new initiatives in teaching and learning.
  • To facilitate a culture of continuous teaching improvement.
  • To build communities of teaching and learning among departments and other colleges.


Workshops and Programs:

  • Departmental Programs

When needed departments organize events for faculty members such as lectures and workshops on specific topics (e.g. advising, grading, increasing student participation) or any other areas of professional development.

  • Lectures and Workshops

The Staff Development Program sponsors lectures, reading groups, and workshops on topics of interest to all faculty and staff. Look for announcements through email and flyers. We welcome suggestions of interesting topics, books, and speakers.

  • Teaching and Technology

The Information Technology Unit helps faculty members incorporate technology into their teaching activities, including arranging for workshops to train faculty members on using various technical tools.


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