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​​​Faculty Enhancement Committee (FEC)

Through the FEC, the College of Nursing-Riyadh (CON-R) offers its faculty many opportunities for professional development to meet the requirements of the profession, the faculty and the College. The FEC is responsible for assessing faculty members’ needs for professional development activities, plan and arrange for faculty development activities according to their needs, develop and maintain faculty professional development database (e.g. The Dashboard system), and prepare the committee’s annual report. The FEC frequently arranges internal faculty development workshops, seminars, continuing education courses, and clinical and educational skills development programs. The Faculty Enhancement Committee aims to advance the University’s academic staff strengths and abilities, support organizational capacities, and enrich academia to produce competent health care professionals. ​

  • Membership of FEC:

Dr. Nouf Aldhafeeri, Chairperson​, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Ms. Aouhood Al Harbi, Co-Chairperson, Teaching Assistant, Nursing Department, CON-R

Ms. Zahra Al Nasser, Lecturer, Nursing Department, CON-R​

Ms. Agnes Monica​​, Lecturer​, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Tengsy Thomas, Lecturer​ Nursing Department, CON-R

Ms. Haifa AlAnazi,  Teaching Assistant, Nursing Department, CON-R​

Ms. Shahad Al Mai​​, Application Analyst, ITU , CON-R, Phone: +966 11 4299999 Ext: 99493

Ms. Lujain Almuhawis​Administrative Assistant​, Nursing Department, CON-R, Phone: +966 11 4299999 Ext:​ 99438​