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Academic Advising and Counseling Unit (AACU) reports to the Academic Advising and Counseling Committee on matters related to effectiveness of academic advising and counseling process in order to ensure optimum student retention, optimum academic performance and personal growth for CON-R


students towards achieving professional goals:

1- Coordinate with academic affairs to establish the academic advisors with students list.
2- Orient the college’s academic advisors and advisees to college​/university policies and procedures concerned with students and academic advising and counseling process.
3- Monitor the academic advising and counseling progress for students in life and academic issues.
4- Maintain ethical standards and confidentiality of student’s documents.
5- Identify the needs of advisors and advisees throughout the academic advising and counseling  process.
6- Establish a referral system for students to special college/university services as needed.
7- Establish a flagging and tracking system for the students with low cGPA, low academic progress, high absenteeism rate and social and psychological problems. 
8- Evaluate the effectiveness of the academic advising and counseling process.
9- Maintain the unification of academic advising and counselling process between College of Nursing (CON) and College of Science and Health Professions (COSHP) 



Academic Counseling Unit System (ACUS) 

ACUS is a system for Academic Adviser Counseling Unit (AACU) at Collage of Nursing –  (CON) King Saud bin Abdul-Aziz University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS) to facilitate their work and assist them with their task, that provide them with time and efforts to use it in an efficient way. 

Adviser can access the system through this link: 
For instructions how to use system click here


Chairperson: Dr. Amal Wanis AlAnazi, ​Asst. Professor, Nursing Dept., CON-R​​

Co-Chairperson:  Dr. Nesreen Bahnsawy​, Asst. Professor, Nursing Dept., CON-R