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The rituals, behaviors, and norms any person follows around sleep are referred to as sleep hygiene.


The most important elements of sleep hygiene require the following from your bedroom:

  • Temperature: neither too hot nor too cold
  • Darkness: the darker, the better
  • Quiet: the quieter, the better
  • A comfortable place to lie down and stretch out


Tips to practice good sleep hygiene checklist:

  1. Know how much sleep you need
  2. Go to bed the same time every night
  3. Find a quiet place to sleep
  4. Keep your bedroom dark and cool
  5. Dedicate your bed to sleep and nothing else
  6. Limit screen time before going to bed (television, phone… etc.)
  7. Follow a bedtime routine
  8. Limit your daytime naps
  9. Watch what you eat and drink, and when
  10. Exercise during the day
  11. Stay calm when you can’t sleep
  12. Get help when you need it


By: Dr. Eman Dawood