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  • Eat regularly: skipping meals will make it difficult to achieve nutritional requirements.
  • Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day for cancer and heart disease protective.
    • Eat some phytoestrogen rich foods every day such as soya milk, yoghurts and desserts, pulses like chickpeas or butter beans.
    • Include 2-3 daily servings of low fat dairy foods to keep calcium intake high and maintain bone density.
    • Eat oily fish at least once a week, and limit salt and saturated fat for a healthy heart.
    • Keep a watch on stimulants like caffeine (3-4 coffees/tea per day).
    • Take regular, moderate physical activity such as walking for 30-45 minutes a day.
    • Check your vitamin D level biannually.
    • Practice healthy stress relief daily, such as enjoyable activity, yoga/tai chi, stretching, quiet time, deep breathing, prayer, meditation, and writing.
    • Visit your doctor regularly to monitor your cardiovascular risk factors. Follow your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar.
    • Routine screenings such as monthly self-breast exams, annual doctor-administered breast exams, and mammogram.


By: Dr. Farida Habib