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Clinical Affairs

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Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs Message

Clinical affairs department is responsible about the planning, execution and monitoring of clinical phase (phase III) blocks of the medical program. By liaising with different departments at the college and the hospital; the clinical affairs ensure proper and effective learning experience of our students. 

Phase III is a continuation of previous phases of the medical curriculum with great focus on clinical skills consolidation.
During phase III the students will have a proper clinical exposure to real and simulated patients to practice clinical skills in a safe and well supervised environment.
​The students in this phase will be trained by high quality faculty who are dedicated toward our student success. Clinical affairs in collaboration with different departments at the college and the University is continuously exploring way to improve the education process and many innovative ways in this regard have been implemented.​​
Clinical affairs will always work toward our students’ success and we welcome our students to communicate with us for anything we could help them in.​


Dr. Khalid Al Rabeeah
Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs
College of Medicine and Clinical Simulation Center 
Riyadh, KSAU-HS ​​

                                           Dr. Abdullah ​Alkhayal ​​​
Assistant Dean, Clinical Aff​airs
College of Medicine​
Riyadh, KSAU-HS


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