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Faculty and Students Research Unit

  • ​​Mission
  • To establish an attuned interdisciplinary collaborative research community by providing assistance, guidance and orientation for the undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • Vision
  • Involve the undergraduate and postgraduate students in an excellent and advanced evidence-based medical research, practice, and service. 

  • Aims
To achieve the mission and vision, the research unit aims to provide:

  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
- Foster interdepartmental cooperation, understanding, inclusion and   interdisciplinary collaboration.
- Cultivate academic int​egrity​, collegiality, and diversity at all levels

Research, Innovation, and Academic Publishing
- Recognize excellence in educational research, practice, and service
- Promote scholarly research and innovation within higher education
- Promote the highest professional standards and research ethics for educators

Professional and Personal Development and Capacity Building in Research
- Foster capacity building in research at all levels (individual, institutional, national, global)
- Provide national leadership on critical issues impacting medical research​

  • Objectives​ 
                    • Provide support for the research activities of the undergraduate and postgraduate students
                    •  Review and provide feedback for improvement of the research proposals submitted by the students through the COM-Research Unit
                    • Conduct sessions on research practice, methodology, and statistical software packages such as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and JMP for the enhancement of research skills.
                    • Provide support to COM faculty and KAMC Health Professionals who are involved in research projects
                    • Organize the COM research activities for conducting research days and to facilitate participation in the research conferences organized by other institutions
                    • Encourage and support students' participation in local and international meetings
                    • Create a database for student research publications
                    • Improve the publication rate from the research projects being conducted in COM​

Research Unit Team

Academic Year 2021/2022​

​​​​​​College of Medicine Research Board​
 ​Dr. Ahmed Al Rumayyan
 ​Prof. Hamdan Al Jahdali

 Dr. Awad Al Muklass 

Admin Support: Research Office Support Team

Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs, COM​
​​​​ ​Dr. Moeber Mahzari

Head of Medical Research Unit​
 Dr. Awad Almuklass ​​​​

Faculty Research ​​​​

Dr. Amre Nasr
Supported by:
Female faculty x 3
Male faculty x 3
KAIMRC members x 2
University Research Office members x 2
Research Assistant x 2​


​​Undergraduate Research Blocks


Male Students

Female Students​​
Chief Coordinator
Dr. Emad Masuadi
​Dr. Emad Masuadi
​Dr. Emad Masuadi
​Dr. Emad Masuadi
Coordinator​Dr. Aamir Omair​​
Dr. Emad MDr. Nazish Masud​Dr. Sajida Agha
​Admin Support​
​Ms. Renalyn Tabago
Mr. Ali Al Mutlaq​​​​​​​Ms. Khlood Alkahtani​​​​

Support Team


Supported by:
Dr. Mahmoud Al Khateeb (Facilities)
​Ms. Renalyn Tabago
​Mr. Ali Al Mutlaq
Ms. Khlood Alkahtani​​ ​(COMF)
University Research Office



Teaching Activitie​s:

Undergraduate Courses
​​​ Postgraduate Courses​​​

Faculty enhancement work​shops:

 Data Analysis using JMP
 Sample Size Calculation


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    College​​ of Me​dicine - Male ​​Branch.
    +966 11 4299999 Ext: 95167​, 95440​.​​