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Master of Medical Education


 ​​​​​​​​​​​​     The MMEP provides leadership opportunity to health professionals in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and other health professions. It prepares them to deliver quality standards and services in educational leadership roles and to improve their educational understanding, methods, and programs. The MMEP is committed to providing basic educational knowledge and skills through a comprehensive program designed to prepare faculty members to educate and lead health professionals.

​The teaching strategy in this pro​gram is richly multivariate; it is highly student-centered with student-led presentations, problem-based learning, and student projects complemented with student-led seminars, workshops, and interactive lectures i.e., through classroom activity, outside projects and electronic learning such as Blackboard or Course Tool; on-line website includes the curriculum contents and objectives, course timetables, PBL problems, lectures, references, links, formative assessment, online portfolio, and a system for student supervision and follow-ups.

The program is organized into 10 blocks averaging six weeks. These blocks focus on specific learning topics, inter-related to form an integrated whole. Student assessment process consist of different methods (individual assignments, PBL tutorials, presentations, quizzes and final exams) designed to match the respective expected learning outcomes for each block. Duration of the program is two years or four academic semesters.  The first three semesters cover nine blocks and the fourth semester covers the thesis. The total CRH (credit hours) is 42 guided by the regulation of the Ministry of Higher Education for postgraduate training.

In summary, the highly motivated curriculum and instructional activities have been designed to prepare highly dedicated students to become effective and successful medical educators. For more detailed information please view our online Introduction to
The Masters in​ Medical Education.pdf, ​2016​.


To provide educational services of high quality to the College, and to the whole University, including areas such as curriculum development, instructional methods, assessment, research, professionalism, program evaluation and development, and College promotion.
To develop its local, regional and international contributions and connections in health profession education.


To develop a Centre of excellence in health profession education, be the pioneering and strongest department in the Region, and be recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a collaborating center in the field of health profession education.


Four values will serve as guidelines in implementing and running the Masters Program:
 Relevance- to respond to priority educational challenges through the program’s educational, research, and services objectives.​
 Quality- to ensure that program faculty, staff, and students are committed to the highest standards of quality in medical education.
 Leadership and teamwork building- to enhance leadership skills and individual responsibility among faculty, staff, and students in an inter-disciplinary, teamwork atmosphere.
 ​​Scientific creativity – to encourage the exploration of new ideas in the development of medical education and research.


To pr​ovide educational services to the College and University, including curriculum development, innovative instructional methods, educational research, student assessment, graduate level training in medical education, and program and faculty evaluation; and to contribute to faculty enhancement, program development, quality assurance, college promotion, educational leadership, and instruction in relevant blocks at the undergraduate level.


 Ensure high quality education and to contribute to research.
 ​Provide educational services to the College and sister Colleges at the University.
​​​​ Conduct high quality educational research.​

​MME Administrative Support


Roseminda Casiding Asensi 
Academic Affairs Officer II
College of Medicine, KSAU-HS
Department of Medical Education

​​Khloud Alotaibi
Administrative Assistant
Department of Medical Education
College of Medicine, KSAU-HS