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Academic and Student Affairs


​ ​Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs Message​

  • C​ollege ​of medicine since its establishment is strivin​g toward excellence in education. Graduation of competent future physicians is the utmost goal of the college teams. The adapted curriculum is very rich in academic content and has varieties of themes that develop future physicians in all aspects for their career. A highly qualified faculty and support staff are all engaged in making students experien​ce during their study period rich and memorable.​
    Academic and students affair is the cent​er of the education process. Our teams oversee the curriculum implementation and execution. Our curriculum consists of three phases with specific focus of each phase.
    All the phases are complementary to each other and each of them emphasis on the integration of basic and clinical sciences. The whole curriculum is aligned to achieve the program mission of graduating qualified physicians. Multiple units and committees are organized and work in harmony to ensure proper conduction of the curriculum.​​
    Academic and student affairs department will always work toward our students' wellbeing and excellence.​​


Dr. Yaser Almalik​​​ ​ 
Associate Dean, Academic & Student Affairs ​
  College of Medicine, KSAU-HS

 Prof.​ Hussain Saad Al Dera​
MCSc, MSc, PhD, M.Med.Edu​​
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs​ 

  College of Medicine, KSAU-HS
Associate Professor of Physiology
Consultant of Clinical Physiology​​​​​

 Dr. Taghreed Al Nahedh
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
College of Medicine, KSAU-HS
​Assistant Professor of Optometry​


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College​​ of Me​dicine - Male ​​Branch.
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